Edutrip Batam-Singapore

Hi readers!!

Glad to see you…

I want to tell you about our Educational Trip(Edutrip) To Batam and Singapore. It was held on 17th May – 19th May 2012.

The first day we went to Batam.  We  went to Barelang Bridge, it was built by B.J Habibie. It was Amazing. Then we went to Coastarina Beach.

The next day, we went to Singapore. Then, we went to Universal studio. It was AMAZING! Everything there is technology. Big buildings, Movie and the rides. It was classified s one of my best day on my life.

The next day, we went to RGS and Merlion. That day is also one of my best day. I’ve been inside the Melion it was dark and scary, but also fun! i’ve been to Merlion Mouth. And RGS was having their Open House. RGS was Huge and awesome. That is my dream school. And our RGS student tour guide was nice and pretty^^ .

Next stop, Science Center. Its like the heaven of Science. Ienjoy playing the games-really enjoy. I think 2 hours isn’t enough to explore the Science World.

Then, we went back to Batam- and take a rest. That is the most tiring day. The next day, we went to a beach- i don’t really know the name. It was much better than Coastarina beach.

That’s from me- Goodbye!!


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