My Reflection On Science Project

Hi my faithful readers!!!!!!
This is my second post, but this post is on science.
We made a pudding called “Egg Flan“.
We made the pudding based on our learning on “Mixture”.
Mixture is consists of two or more different substance that are mixed but not chemically combined together.
Like in this project, there are lots of mixtures that are combined to make the flan.
I almost forget, we’re divided in 4 groups, My group mates are Jennifer, Agung and Faris.
Do you want to know the Ingredients??
o 10 eggs
o 1 tin condensed milk
o 1 cup of fresh milk
o 4 tablespoon of sugar
The things that I learned from this activity are about Compound and Mixture.
Compound happens when elements or compounds are burned and combine with oxygen and form one or more new compounds. One of the examples of compound is SUGAR.
The other thing that I learn is to be cooperative to my group mates, so the project will be good and will finish on time!
Wait for my next post!!!!!


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