Science : Asexual Reproduction on Potatoes


On this theme, we are learning about reproduction in plants. We were divided into four groups and my members are Agung, Alya and Dethasya. We were given a task to find out about asexual reproduction in a certain plant.

Before we go further, let me tell you what is asexual reproduction. Asexual reproduction is a process of producing identical similar offspring from one parent without the fusion of gametes. Or in simpler words, asexual reproduction is the process producing other plants only with one parent plant.

Our group decided to do a experiment on potato. We did 3 set-ups, Set up A contains a potato buried under the soil while Set up B contains potato which is placed on top of the soil, and Set up C only contain a potato without any soil. set up bset up a b cCIMG3278

Here are our pictures during doing the task 🙂



Music : Mini Orchestra

In this chapter, we were grouped into 4 different groups. My group consists of Angeline, Jennifer and Dethasya. We decided to present a mini orchestra using recorder, flute, violin and piano. We brought a music piece called “Canon in D”.

It was terrible, because we haven’t had time to practice together. But Mr. Rizky, our music teacher, assist us and in the end we can finish the music piece beautifully.

Fortunately our music teacher postponed our practical test, so we had more time practicing our presentation.

PicMonkey Collage-recorder



On this theme, we are learning about parabolas, before we started this lesson, we are given a simple activity, called ” The Tennis Ball Toss”. We were told to parner our self and throw a tennis ball, and the other pupil will count the time nedded for the Tennis Ball to fall.

Well, here is the result:


I’ve learned alot about parabolas in this activity. I’ve learned that parabolas have an axis of simmetry. And i also learned that a parabola is a “U” shaped, it could face up or it even coul fave down.


Poster Bahaya Narkoba Bagi Masa Depan


Narkoba adalah salah satu dari sekian banyak masalah di kalangan remaja masa kini. Salah satu faktor dari masalah ini adalah kurangnya kasih sayang dari keluarga.
Seorang anak yang berprestasi pasti tidak kekurangan cinta dari pihak keluarga, dan sebaliknya , remaja pengguna narkoba adalah remaja-remaja keras kepala yang berkerurangan prestasi dalam sekolahnya.
Jadi, dengan poster ini saya harap, remaja-remaja indonesia akan sadar diri dan tidak lagi terjerumus dalam hal-hal yang tidak benar!



On this theme in PE, we are learning on basketball, we learned how to pass the ball, to shoot and how to play. So here is my basketball shooting result 🙂


I improved at the lay up, but for long and short distance i haven’t showed any improvement.
I will practice harder and try more to improve on basketball area 🙂


Pythagorean Theorem and Slope Wheel

Phytagthagorean Theorem

Years ago, a man named Pythagoras found an amazing fact about triangles:

If the triangle had a right angle (90°) …

… and you made a square on each of the three sides, then …

… the biggest square had the exact same area as the other two squares put together!

It is called “Pythagoras’ Theorem” and can be written in one short equation:

a2 + b2 = c2


  • c is the longest side of the triangle
  • a and b are the other two sides


The longest side of the triangle is called the “hypotenuse”, so the formal definition is:

In a right angled triangle:
the square of the hypotenuse is equal to
the sum of the squares of the other two sides.

Sure … ?

Let’s see if it really works using an example.

Example: A “3,4,5” triangle has a right angle in it.

pythagoras theorem Let’s check if the areas are the same:

32 + 42 = 52

Calculating this becomes:

9 + 16 = 25

It works … like Magic!

Why Is This Useful?

If we know the lengths of two sides of a right angled triangle, we can find the length of the third side. (But remember it only works on right angled triangles!

How Do I Use it? Slope Wheel

Write it down as an equation:

abc triangle a2 + b2 = c2

Now you can use algebra to find any missing value.

Slope Wheel

In the last chapter, we learned about slopes (gradient), and to help us do the slopes activity, our teacher, Mr. Jared, told us to make a slope wheel. I think the slope wheel helped me a lot in doing my homeworks.
I have a improvement idea for the slope wheel : the sate stick which represent the line, is to thick and sometimes it touches 2 lines at a time, so, its better if the tool to represent the line is subtituded to a thinner tool than the sate stick!


Makna Paskah

Paskah memilik 2 makna, yakni menurut:

  1. Keluaran12:16-28
  • Mengenang keluarnya bangsa Israel dari perbudakan Mesir
  • Memakan makanan yang tidak beragi
  • Anak domba sebagai korban paskah2.  Markus 14:22-25
  • Perjamuan Malam Yesus bersama murid-muridnya
  • Memakan roti yang tidak beragi yang melambangkan danging Yesus, serta meminum anggur yang melambangkan darah-Nya
  • Darah Yesus (darah perjanjian) yang diitumpahkan bagi banyak orang untuk menghapus dosa-dosa manusia


1)      Memakan roti yang tidak beragi


1)      Dalam perjanjian lama, paskah melambangkan keluarnya bangsa Israel dari perbudakan Mesir, sedangkan pada perjanjian baru, paskah melambangkan Perjamuan Malam Yesus bersama murid-muridnya

2)      Pada perjanjian lama, darah anak domba adalah korban paskah, sedangkan pada perjanjian baru, darah Yesus lah yang digunakan sebagai korban paskah.